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San Elijo Hills #1
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About Us
A secluded neighborhood in Solana Beach, read About Us.

Board Meetings
Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm. Homeowners are encouraged to attend.

Contact Us
Contact the Board of Directors at:

Board Openings
Do you want to know what is going on in our neighborhood and have a say in how our HOA dues are spent? Become a member of the board! Meetings are only once a month, come join us at one to try it out.

If you have any website suggestions, please send us an email.

~ About Us ~

San Elijo Hills #1

San Elijo Hills is a quiet, secluded neighborhood in Solana Beach, high on a bluff with views of the Rancho Santa Fe countryside, rolling hills and valleys, mountains and the ocean. Bordered by San Elijo Lagoon to the north, Horseman's Valley and San Dieguito Park to the east, and by the Lomas Santa Fe Executive Golf Course to the south.

When you become a resident of San Elijo Hills #1, you become a member of our neighborhood homeowner's association, created to protect the beauty and value of the area.
The 192 homes in this community reside on the following streets:
  • San Mario Drive
  • Santa Elena Court
  • Santa Sabina Court
  • Santa Marta Court
  • Santa Camelia Drive
  • Santa Luisa Drive
  • Santa Victoria
Directions: To reach San Elijo Hills #1, take the Lomas Santa Fe Drive exit from Interstate 5, go East one mile to Highland Drive, turn left at the stopsign, then turn left onto San Mario Drive.