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About Us
A secluded neighborhood in Solana Beach, read About Us.

Board Meetings
Meetings are usually held on the first Wednesday of each month at 6:30pm. Homeowners are encouraged to attend.

Contact Us
Contact the Board of Directors at:

Board Openings
Do you want to know what is going on in our neighborhood and have a say in how our HOA dues are spent? Become a member of the board! Meetings are only once a month, come join us at one to try it out.

If you have any website suggestions, please send us an email.

Welcome to the San Elijo Hills #1 Homeowners Association website!
This site is regularly updated with information about special events and the most
current policies regarding home improvements.

~ Next Board Meeting ~


The next Homeowners Association Board meeting will be at 6:30pm. The November board meeting will be held in the informal environment of a board member"s home to encourage attendance by homeowners who might be curious about volunteering to help the HOA. The location of the meeting will be given in a newsletter mailed in advance to all homeowners.

The minutes from the latest meetings are here.

Agenda for the October Meeting

The agenda will be posted for any member interested at the entrance to our community prior to the meeting. If you have any questions, pease contact the Board of Directors at

~ Fun Facts ~
Did You Know?
  • Our HOA does not own the slopes (the adjacent homeowners own the slopes), but our HOA does control what is done on them.
  • There are 192 homes in our community.
  • Want to share a concern about our neighborhood? Please attend the next HOA board meeting or contact the Board of Directors at

~ Latest News ~
Latest News Our HOA Board has been working very hard to keep our community looking beautiful! Here is the latest information about our neighborhood:
  1. The Board is initiating an effort to improve enforcement of the neighborhood's covenants by establishing a consistent, streamlined process for identifying and responding to violations. If you are concerned that a neighbor might be violating the PC&Rs or Policies, please notify the Board by sending an email to
  2. Weeds, weeds and more weeds are the results of all this wonderful rain we have been getting these past few months! Martinez Landscaping has been attempting to keep up with the weed work on all the slopes, especially those that are most visible. They have a rotation schedule and normally work for us on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. If you have a question about your slope, email and we will work to address your issue.

~ Street Address Numbers ~

Street Numbers

According to Section 505 of the California 2016 Fire Code, street address numbers on the front of our homes are very important for emergency services all year long. Here is what the code requires: "Address identification shall be legible and placed in a position that is visible from the street or road fronting the property. Address identification characters shall contrast with their background. Address numbers shall be Arabic numbers or alphabetic letters. Numbers shall not be spelled out. Each character shall not be less than 4 inches (102 mm) high with a minimum stroke width of 1/2 inch (12.7mm)." While painting numbers on your curb can be very helpful, they do not meet California Fire Code. Number visibility is imperative for all emergency services, so please evaluate your home numbers and make changes necessary for your safety!

~ Hazardous Waste/Recycling ~
Flourescent TubesFlourescent TubesBatteriesCell PhonePaint Can

Did you know that California state law currently prohibits the disposal of light bulbs that contain mercury, such as compact fluorescent bulbs (CFLs) in the trash? Instead, bring them to the Solana Center located at 137 N. El Camino Real in Encinitas (behind the Sheriff's station). Check their website for hours. They also accept LED bulbs, e-waste, & batteries.

Paint is another hazardous waste that can often be recycled for FREE at local paint retailers.

Other hazardous waste disposal options can be found on the Solana Beach website: Household Hazardous Waste

Local shipping stores often welcome your donations of bubble wrap and other packing materials.

Plastic grocery bags can be returned to grocery stores for recycling.

Solana Center also offers rain barrels (get a $35 rebate) and compost bins/accesories for sale, and even has a garden tool boing program that includes a variety of tools, from basic garden spades and pruning tools to a post-driver and a long-handled fruit picker. And if you want to learn more about Green Living, they offer workshops on topics such as beekeeping, greywater systems, residential solar, and barn owls in the home and garden.

~ Slope Plants ~
2013-2020 - Some small areas of the slopes are being replanted with 4 varieties of plants recommended by a native plant consultant. All are particularly well suited for slopes/erosion, are fire resistant, low growing, evergreen with blooms 1-2 times per year, and most important, drought tolerant.
  • Ceanothus Carmel Creeper
  • Bacchari´s Pigeon Point
  • Arctostaphylos Pacific Mist
  • Arctostaphylos Carmel Sur
The two entrances to our community will also be receiving some more colorfull additions.

~ 2021 Annual Reports ~
  1. 2020-21 Annual Slope Report
  2. 2020-21 Financial Report
  3. 2020-21 Annual Architectural Report

~ Updating the HOA´s PC&Rs ~
Document Image

PC&Rs & Bylaws Update

Ballots on the question of whether to update the PC&Rs and Bylaws were received from 159 out of 192 homes in the neighborhood. It appears that the proposed covenants were approved by more than the two-thirds of homeowners required. Pending a verification recount and legal review, a formal notification of the results will be mailed to all homeowners this month.
  1. Original PC&Rs , Bylaws and Policy Manual
  2. Final Proposed PC&Rs and Bylaws
  3. Summaries of Key Differences and Similarities between original PC&Rs, Policy Manual, and Bylaws and the proposed PC&Rs and Bylaws
  4. All Homeowners´ Feedback including actions taken in response to the feedback
  5. Diagram of the Process Steps Used
  6. Results of Four Question Survey

~ Request for Email Addresses ~

PC&R Mailing List

To more effectively communicate with homeowners, the HOA needs to know your email address. It will only be used for official HOA business and will not willfully be disclosed to any third party. You will receive monthly emails containing the agenda and minutes of board meetings, but you can choose to opt-out of those mailings. To be included, please send an email request to:

Please include your:
  • Name
  • San Elijo Hills street address

~ Request for Architectural Improvement Form ~
Architecture Don´t forget to turn in a Request for Architectural Improvement form for any changes that you are planning to do to the outside of your home or to the yard. Simple matters like interior painting and repairs do not need approval. However, if you intend to change windows, add a second story, change landscaping, change exterior colors or remove or change visual barriers between yourself and your neighbors, please get prior approval from the HOA. The current version of the form includes a page of instructions that provides additional information about what is required for specific project types.

~ City of Solana Beach ~
Solana Beach
Sign up to receive eNews from the City of Solana Beach, just go to: Solana Beach eNews Signup. You will receive emails of important events happening in our community.

If you notice a problem in our city like a street light that is always on, or a problem with a sidewalk or storm drain you can find the right person to contact at: City of Solana Beach: City Services and Key Contacts.

The city now has an app available for both iPhone and Android, just search for "City of Solana Beach" in the iTunes/Google Play stores. This app can be used to keep track of City events, find key contact lists and most importantly, enable residents to notify City Staff of maintenance needs or issues in the community quickly and conveniently.

~ Nextdoor~
Our neighborhood is using a private online network called Nextdoor San Elijo Hills 1, and we think you´ll benefit from joining us. On our Nextdoor site, neighbors share community events, recommendations, items for sale/free, crime/safety concerns, ideas about how to make our neighborhood better, and more. Please join us to build a better neighborhood! As of 2020, San Elijo Hills has 244 neighbors using Nextdoor! Neighbors across the country are using Nextdoor to:
  • Get the word out about a break-in
  • Organize a neighborhood garage sale
  • Ask for help finding a lost pet

~ Bees ~
Bees Bee season is Spring-Fall and you may become aware of a hive in your yard. Pick your bee removal company carefully as many claim to take the hives to a special location but end up tossing them in the nearest dumpster. One favorite location of the bees for forming a hive is the irrigation valve control boxes. If you remove a hive from a valve box, be sure to cover the opening with netting or fill the box with foam/insulation to prevent them from coming back. We love bees, but not in unsafe locations!